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by Felix Tissi


Whoever goes off into the wilderness, should not be surprised at who he meets there. In the lone Icelandic highlands, a suicidal man wearing a tie, a lowbrow big-city couple and an outdoorsy family come together by chance. What begins as a grudging forced community, results in oddities, absurd situations and even in new love. Clearly, some things also fall apart.

international title: Welcome to Iceland
original title: Welcome to Iceland
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Aardvark Film Emporium
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Felix Tissi
film run: 96'
screenplay: Felix Tissi
cast: Dominique Jann, Maryam Zaree, Marcus Signer, Julia Brendler, Joost Siedhoff, Nicola Mastroberardino
cinematography by: Birgit Gudjonsdottir
film editing: Thomas Bachmann
art director: Irène Roth
costumes designer: Irène Roth
music: Ben Jeger
producer: Pedro Haldemann
production: Insert Film