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by Atso Pärnänen


During the Cold War two American soldiers are sent to East Germany to keep an eye on an enemy exercise when they meet a local woman who wants to defect to the West. They now have to choose between their mission and whether to help her.

international title: In Clear Sight
original title: In Clear Sight
country: Finland
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Atso Pärnänen
film run: 61'
release date: FI 29/10/2014, GB 29/10/2014
screenplay: Atso Pärnänen
cast: Todd Boyce, Matthew Marsh, Jack Marsh
cinematography by: Mika Vartiainen
film editing: Steven Worsley
music: Tapani Kuusniemi
producer: Atso Pärnänen
co-producer: Dario Troiani