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by Karen Di Porto


Maria per Roma is a day, from the earliest hours in the morning to nighttime, in the life of Maria, a confused but dynamic young woman who aspires to a career as an actress but gets lost in the daily chaos of the city of Rome. Her routine revolves around what seems to be the sole source of income in the Eternal City: tourism. We see Maria run from the auditions at the theatre to check in tourists, and from the check-ins to the auditions, at a frenetic pace that creates funny but exhausting situations.

international title: Maria per Roma
original title: Maria per Roma
country: Italy
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Karen Di Porto
film run: 93'
screenplay: Karen Di Porto
cast: Karen Di Porto, Andrea Planamente, Cyro Rossi, Diego Buongiorno, Nicola Mancini
cinematography by: Maura Morales Bergmann
film editing: Mirko Garrone
art director: Federico Faini
music: Metarmonica
producer: Galliano Juso
production: Bella Film