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by Chema de la Peña


A passionate love story that unfolds over the course of five years. In it we witness the trials and tribulations Of Teo and Ana, their separations, reunions, euphoria, disappointments and joy. Ana cannot love any man other than Teo and Teo cannot live without Ana, but their love affair will not last, that is their destiny. Years pass and their lives continue with their peculiar love story that sometimes enlightens them and sometimes tears them down

international title: Love Above All Things
original title: Amarás sobre todas las cosas
country: Spain
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Chema de la Peña
film run: 103'
release date: ES 25/11/2016
screenplay: Chema de la Peña, Juan Manuel Romero
cast: Israel Elejalde, Lidia Navarro, Óscar Lozano, Nathalie Seseña, Eva Voucherite, Antonio Velasco
cinematography by: J.P. Sánchez
art director: Soledad Seseña
music: Miguel Marín
producer: Chema de la Peña
production: La voz que yo amo
backing: Centro Danza Canal de Madrid