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by Michael Satzinger, Barbara Huber


When Muxe, a Two Spirit Indio, is invited to Europe to attend an ethnological exhibition he falls head over heels in love with Gonzo, a member of a provincial rock band. The two men become entangled in a turbulent adventure involving Cloud People and an ancient clay vase that is reputed to contain a secret message. But before they can overcome the barriers that their different cultures present and confess their love to each other they have a mystery to solve. A secret that once revealed has the power to change life on Earth forever.

international title: Muxe
original title: Muxe
country: Austria
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Michael Satzinger, Barbara Huber
film run: 118'
screenplay: Michael Satzinger
cast: Sissi Gotsbachner, Rochus Millauer, Oliver Stummer, Michael Fernbach, Franz Robert Ceeh, Rodolfo Carrasco-Marin, Liane Wagner, Thomas Kracher, Peter Hans Christian Fernbach, Julia Schwarz, Margot Hruby
cinematography by: Christoph Skofic
film editing: Michael Satzinger
art director: Florian Roszkopf
costumes designer: Katja Moser
music: Gregor Schenker
co-producer: Michael Satzinger
production: Magic Movie