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by Dennis Vanslembrouck


At a brutal robbery is a replica of an antique image stolen. Detectives Eric and Brigitte in. When in flight the rear door of the van of the thieves flies open, the stolen image piece on the street. To the great surprise of the pursuing agents and of the burglars is the street suddenly dotted with hundreds of money notes that eagerly picked up by dozens of bystanders. It is now up to the detectives to not only catch the thieves, but also to collect the stolen money.

original title: De Buurtpolitie: De Grote Geldroof
country: Belgium
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Dennis Vanslembrouck
film run: 80'
release date: BE 31/10/2016
screenplay: Dennis Vanslembrouck
cast: Johan Kalifa Bals, Manoe Frateur, Rania Gaaloul, Willy Herremans, Nicoline Hummel, Ilse La Monaca, Andy Peelman, Eric Peeters, Dorien Reynaert, Peter Schoenaerts, Henny Seroeyen, Ianthe Tavernier, Anik Vandercruyssen, Stefan Zajc
producer: Dennis Vanslembrouck
production: VTM