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by Denise Castro, Enrique García, Abdelatif Hwidar, Kike Mesa, Rodrigo Sancho


Maniac Tales tells the story of Juan, a Mexican illegal immigrant in New York, who is offered a job as a doorman in an old building of the city. It turns out that the screenwriter of "Maniac Tales", a very popular TV series, lives in the building but has disappeared with the script of the last chapter of the season, and a reward is offered to whoever can find that script. Juan decides to look for it, and when he gets into the screenwriter's apartment he finds out that the TV series hides creepy secrets which are related to the building.

international title: Maniac Tales
original title: Maniac Tales
country: Spain
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Denise Castro, Enrique García, Abdelatif Hwidar, Kike Mesa, Rodrigo Sancho
film run: 107'
screenplay: Enrique García, Kike Mesa, Salva Martos Cortés, Lluís Segura
cast: Enrique Arce, Alex Hafner, Samuel Allan, Ian Michael Allport, Marina Botí, Pablo Capuz, William Carney, Antonio de la Cruz, Silvia De Miguel, Virginia de Morata, Rufino Dubujusw, Almar G. Sato, Olivier Garcia, Mercedes León, Minnie Marx, Alejandra Mesa
cinematography by: César Hernando
film editing: Vladimir Ráez
art director: Adrián Bachiller, Marc Balleste, Raquel Olivera
music: Pablo Trujillo
producer: Kike Mesa
production: Kandale Films