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by Rifqi Assaf


Radi is Jordanian of Palestinian origin. Agoraphobe, he leave reclusive in his minibus. In spite of himself, he is forced helping to travel three persons. Laila is a woman of Syrian origin, recently divorced. Victim of a rape attempt during his trip to Damascus, Radi rescues her and opens her bus. The journey starts at two. The next day Sami, a Lebanese artist, appears on the road. His car is out of order. As soon as they get to know each other, they are joined by a policeman to the next post. This road movie depicts characters whose destiny is linked more than it seems. A surreal journey will give the key.

international title: The Curve
original title: Al munataf
country: France, Egypt, Jordan
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Rifqi Assaf
screenplay: Rifqi Assaf, Halim Mardawi
cast: Ashraf Barhom, Fatina Laila, Mazen Moadam, Ashraf Telfah, Sameera Asir, Saad Eldin Atiyyeh, Tayseer Breiji, Hind Hamed
cinematography by: Piotr Jaxa
film editing: Doaa Fadel
music: Suad Bushnaq
producer: Rula Nasser
co-producer: Mohamed Hefzy, Xenia Maingot, Rifqi Assaf
production: Eaux Vives Productions, Imaginarium Films (JO), Film-Clinic (EG), Seven Eight (JO)