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by Jann Preuss


Handling depression, writer's block and parent counseling is no big deal. It's falling in love that gets Jonas in real trouble. "The Frog" is a bittersweet comedy about life's crises - and how to make them worse. Inspired by the director’s own life.

international title: The Frog
original title: Der Frosch
country: Switzerland
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Jann Preuss
film run: 80'
screenplay: Jann Preuss
cast: Urs Jucker, Liliane Amuat, Marina Guerrini, Mila Nuzzo, Anna-Katharina Müller, Mira Frehner, Eliane Iten, Kaspar Weiss, Aaron Hitz, Marco Zbinden
cinematography by: Jasper Granderath
film editing: Wolfgang Weigl
art director: Peter Scherz
costumes designer: Linda Harper
music: Jeannot Steck
producer: Anne-Catherine Lang, Olivier Zobrist
production: Langfilm
distributor: Vinca Film GmbH