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by Johan Löfstedt


Since early childhood, Björn has secretly carried an insurmountable fear. When his father dies of old age, he and his four sisters are each left with a video message, that makes him question everything.

international title: Small Town Curtains
original title: Småstad
country: Sweden
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Johan Löfstedt
film run: 91'
release date: SE 20/01/2017, DE 23/03/2017
screenplay: Johan Löfstedt, Anna Potter
cast: Björn Löfstedt, Pelle Löfstedt, Anna Löfstedt, Bengt Sturzenbecker, Anders Carlsén, Maja Löfstedt, Ludvig Carlsén, Oliver Carlsén, Bashar Abboud, Niclas Angerborn, Safaa Barakat, Saleh Ala Barakat, Urban Bäckström
cinematography by: Nils Petter Lofstedt
film editing: Johan Löfstedt
music: Leif Jordansson
production: Stavro Filmproduktion AB
distributor: Folkets Bio, Kulturprojektor - Agentur & Verleih