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by Pablo Llorca


The legendary Mario Gas and his daughter Miranda star in this humanist comedy by Pablo Llorca, an immersion in a working class area of Madrid, its neighborhood life and its community ties, on the fringes of the haste of the big city. Along with Elena, a photographer for a magazine, we end up in La Fortuna, where Elena takes Ana after helping her when she feels unwell after a marathon. There, in the bar, we’ll get to know Ana’s world, her father, a likable sponger, and her long-suffering mother, and we’ll accompany her on her road to independence.

international title: Tenderness and the Third Person
original title: Ternura y la tercera persona
country: Spain
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Pablo Llorca
film run: 65'
screenplay: Pablo Llorca
cast: Mario Gas, Miranda Gas, Celia Bermejo, Juli Mira, Cristina de Inza, Efraín Rodríguez, Carlos Santos
cinematography by: Wiro Berriatua