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by Erick Malabry


As every spring Mikaël rises a fortnight in Paris, to his cousin Isolde, to make a speech assessment that requires his disability, a partial deafness which resulted in a lack of diction and pronunciation. This year, Mikaël's program will be disturbed by the surprises of love.

original title: La position d'Andromaque
country: France
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Erick Malabry
film run: 72'
screenplay: Erick Malabry
cast: Mikaël Goncalves, Morgane Raspail, Isolde Cojean, Diane O'Garvey, Pierre Laloye, Julia Zuili, Cindy del Salto Vitery, Juliette Ramirez, Aurelie Giraudeau, Natasha Corbières, Martine Anglada
cinematography by: James Coote, Elodie Ferré, Paul-Anthony Mille
film editing: Raphaël d'Aboville
music: Zoé Malouvet
producer: Sylvain Bresson, Raphaël d'Aboville
co-producer: Paul-Anthony Mille, Pierre Mille
production: Kafard Films