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by Boris von Sychowski


Gregor is the coolest, and one of the richest, kids attending the International High School in Prague, which has students from all over the world. To celebrate their graduation, Gregor and Diego decide to host the unofficial after-party at a new swimming pool built just out of town. Unfortunately, one of the twelve people attending the party has a secret agenda, and the bodies soon start piling up.

international title: The Pool
original title: Swimming Pool - Der Tod feiert mit
country: Germany
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Boris von Sychowski
film run: 89'
release date: DE 4/10/2001, IT 1/08/2003, SE 20/11/2003
screenplay: Boris von Sychowski, Lorenz Stassen
cast: Maximilian Grill, Elena Uhlig, Kristen Miller, Thorsten Graßhoff, John Hopkins, Jonah Lotan, Bryan Carney
cinematography by: Notker Mahr
film editing: Sabine Mahr-Haigis
art director: Gerald Damovsky
costumes designer: Marion Boegel
music: Johannes Kobilke
producer: Benjamin Herrmann, Werner Possardt
production: Calypso Filmproduktion, Senator Film Produktion
distributor: Senator Filmverleih, Mediafilm (IT), Scanbox (SE)