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by Valerio Zurlini


Rome, 1945. Enrico Corsi, a journalist about thirty, learns of the death of his young brother, Dino. The news rekindles memories. When their parents died, the two brothers were separated. Enrico was raised by his poor grandmother. Dino had a comfortable childhood as the adopted son of an English gentleman’s butler. They meet again years later. Enrico is now a journalist. Dino is married and had a child. Dino tells Enrico that he is terminally ill. The two brothers are drawn together in a warm relationship. Knowing his days are numbered, Dino asks Enrico to take him back to their home town, Florence.

original title: CRONACA FAMILIARE
country: Italy
year: 1962
genre: fiction
directed by: Valerio Zurlini
film run: 134'
screenplay: Valerio Zurlini, Mario Missiroli
cast: Sylvie, Jacques Perrin, Marcello Mastroianni, Salvo Randone
cinematography by: Giuseppe Rotunno
film editing: Mario Serandrei
art director: Flavio Mogherini
music: Goffredo Petrassi
producer: Goffredo Lombardo