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by Marcos Carnevale


Two people who discover that it is never too late to love ... or to dream.

international title: Elsa and Fred
original title: Elsa y Fred
country: Spain, Argentina
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Marcos Carnevale
film run: 108'
release date: ES 11/11/05, DE 13/04/06, IT 27/10/2006, FR 20/12/2006
screenplay: Marcos Carnevale, Lily Ann Martin, Marcela Guerty
cast: Manuel Alexandre, Blanca Portillo, Manuel Alexandre, Roberto Carnaghi
cinematography by: Juan Carlos Gómez
film editing: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
art director: Satur Idarreta
costumes designer: Nereida Bonmatí
music: Lito Vitale
producer: José Antonio Félez
production: Tesela Producciones Cinematograficas, Shazam S.A. (AR)
distributor: Alta Films, Arsenal Filmverleih (DE), Colifilms Distribution (FR)