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by Silvio Caiozzi


The only important moment in the life of Marcos, an insigniaficant, middle-aged bank clark: how to achieve a carnal relationship with his fleshy and somewhat naïve girlfriend Hilda.

international title: Cachimba
original title: Cachimba
country: Spain, Chile, Antigua and Barbuda
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Silvio Caiozzi
film run: 142'
screenplay: Silvio Caiozzi, Nelson Fuentes, José Donoso
cast: Jesús Gúzman, Pablo Schwarz, Mariana Loyola, Julio Jung, Patricio Contreras
cinematography by: Miguel Abal
film editing: Silvio Caiozzi
art director: Guadalupe Bornand
music: Osvaldo Montes, Joe Vasconcellos
producer: José Luis Segura, Pablo Rovito, Guadalupe Bornand, Silvio Caiozzi, Carola Carter, Roberto Ojeada, Felipe Pozo, Luis A. Sartor
production: Viriato Films S.L., Andes Films (AR), Zarleck Producciones (AR), Andrea Films (CL), Chile Films (CL)
distributor: Divisa Home Video