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by Florent Emilio Siri


In Kabylie in June 1959, Terrien, an idealistic lieutenant, becomes the head of a section of the French army. There he meets Sergeant Dougnac, a hard-line professional soldier. The atrocities of the war, as well as the two men’s differences, quickly put both to the test.
Based on Patrick Rotman's Ennemi Intime.

international title: Intimate Enemies
original title: L'ennemi intime
country: France
sales agent: SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) International - Groupe M6
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Florent Emilio Siri
release date: FR 26/09/2007, BE 10/10/2007
screenplay: Florent Emilio Siri, Patrick Rotman
cast: Benoît Magimel, Albert Dupontel, Aurélien Recoing, Marc Barbé, Eric Savin, Vincent Rottiers, Guillaume Gouix, Lounès Tazaïrt, Abdelhafid Metalsi
cinematography by: Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci
art director: William Abello
costumes designer: Mimi Lempicka
music: Alexandre Desplat
producer: Denis Pineau-Valencienne, François Kraus
production: Les Films du Kiosque
backing: France 2 Cinéma
distributor: SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) Films