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by Claudio Antonini


Raul is a 12-year-old boy, happy and certainly mature for his age. He lives with his mother Monica, whose love life is puzzling and distressing. She's the lead singer in a strange orchestra, called Orfeo, founded by her father, Raul's grandfather. The boy goes to her concerts and sees her suffering because of the sad endings to relationships with the wrong men. He can't cope, he just doesn't understand it. He'd like to give her a hand, and that means finding the right man, who could be music teacher Medri. Raul embarks on a number of clumsy attempts to set up a meeting between his mother and the teacher. Not even this affair will end happily, but it'll enable Raul to understand an important life lesson.

original title: Liscio
country: Italy
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Claudio Antonini
release date: IT 30/03/2007, FR 05/03/2008
screenplay: Marco Campogiani, Giovnni De Feo, Claudio Antonini
cast: Laura Morante, Antonio Catania, Umberto Morelli, Giorgia Brunacchi, Giordano Di Pietro
cinematography by: Gian Enrico Bianchi
film editing: Giuliana Zamariola
art director: Beatrice Scarpato
costumes designer: Grazia Colombini
music: Riccardo Tesi, Gianni Coscia
producer: Donatella Palermo
production: A.S.P., Dodici dicembre
distributor: Emme Cinematografica, Les Films de l'Astre (FR)