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by Kim Massee


In Paris, Pablo, 11 years old, puts up with his mother and her dissolute life. Abandoned once again, he decides to go looking for his father. So he bribes Louis, an aimless poker player, to drive him down South... Two guys on the road. Bad boys? Angels? Two cowboys drifting along in search of a home. Or is it just a friend they are looking for? Someone for whom one finally counts, a reason for becoming somebody. A personal film, human, honest and hopefull.

original title: Cowboy Angels
country: France
sales agent: Insomnia World Sales
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Kim Massee
release date: FR 29/10/2008
screenplay: Kim Massee, Chloé Marçais
cast: Diego Mestanza, Thierry Levaret, Françoise Klein, Stefano Cassetti, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Laurent Petitgand
cinematography by: Marc Romani
producer: Kim Massee
production: Artworx Films
distributor: Artworx Films