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Frédéric  Mermoud  • Director

"Shattering the stereotypical image of the butch female cop in a leather jacket"

Frédéric Mermoud • Director

After several acclaimed shorts, Swiss-born, French-based director Frédéric Mermoud has made an impressive...  


Mehmet Can Mertoglu • Director

"I neither hate nor sympathise with the characters"

Mehmet Can Mertoglu • Director

CANNES 2016: Young Turkish filmmaker Mehmet Can Mertoglu talks about his debut feature, Albüm, which was...  


Simón Mesa Soto  • Director

“I wanted to show the vulnerability of the teenagers in such harsh conditions”

Simón Mesa Soto • Director

CANNES 2014: Cineuropa met up with Simón Mesa Soto, who directed the short film Leidi, winner of the...  


Piero Messina  • Director

"My film is built on the power of suggestion and memory"

Piero Messina • Director

VENICE 2015: The debut film of Italian director Piero Messina, The Wait, is in competition at the Venice...  


Mártą Mészáros • Director


Mártą Mészáros • Director

Péter Mészáros • Director

Kythera disembarks on Dutch soil

Péter Mészáros • Director


Ilian Metev • Director

“My decision to move in a more fictional direction was primarily a moral one”

Ilian Metev • Director

LOCARNO 2017: Bulgaria's Ilian Metev talks about a drastic move in his career: switching from documentary...  

14/08/2017 | Lecce 2018

Janus Metz, director of Armadillo

Grand Prix SIC - Cannes 2010

Janus Metz, director of Armadillo

Interview with the director of the film awarded with the Grand Prize (SIC) in Cannes.  

Randall Meyers

'Another music in Norway'

Randall Meyers

The American composer behind more than 80 musical scores, who chose to live and work in Oslo, talks about...  


Olivier Meys • Director

"We never talk about how difficult the immigration experience is"

Olivier Meys • Director

We met up with Belgian director Olivier Meys on the occasion of the release of Bitter Flowers in Belgium  


Francesco Micciche • Director

Venice Days 2013

Francesco Micciche • Director


Michael Haneke • Director -

"An ideal raised to the status of an absolute becomes inhuman"

Michael Haneke • Director

The Austrian director reveals to journalists certain aspects of his method, whilst maintaining, much like...  


Sylvie Michel • Director • Our Little Differences

Interview - 53° Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Sylvie Michel • Director • Our Little Differences

French director Sylvie Michel is living in Germany, where she wrote and directed Our Little Differences,...  

Deborah Micheletti • Producer


Deborah Micheletti • Producer

Cineuropa interviews Spanish producer Deborah Micheletti, one of the participants in the Closing The Gap...  


Geraldine  Michelot  • Producer

"Incredibly moving and intense"

Geraldine Michelot • Producer

An ambitious screenplay, difficult subject matter and a young child at the centre of the film. Cineuropa...  


James Spinney, Peter Middleton • Directors

“We want to push the possibilities of accessible cinema”

James Spinney, Peter Middleton • Directors

As the industry searches for ways to increase attendance rates, James Spinney and Peter Middleton...