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Petra Volpe • Director

"I hope the film encourages people not to give in to oppression and injustice"

Petra Volpe • Director

Swiss director Petra Volpe talks to us about her latest feature film, The Divine Order, screening in...  


Video - Cinéfondation in Cannes 2009

Dara von Dusen, Zuzana Spidlova e Ralitza Petrova - Directors

Three young directors talk about their experience at Cinéfondation  

Theresa von Eltz  • Director

"It is hard to get a new film financed, even for established filmmakers like Stephen Frears"

Theresa von Eltz • Director

German director Theresa von Eltz’s feature debut, 4Kings, had its international premiere at the Rome Film Fest  


Katja von Garnier  • Director

Positive visions of the future

Katja von Garnier • Director

German Films sat down with Katja von Garnier to discuss her career and her Windstorm brand of films,...  


Katja von Garnier • Director

A positive impact

Katja von Garnier • Director


Julia von Heinz • Director

Realizing a dream

Julia von Heinz • Director

A flashback on Julia von Heinz’s career. Her new film Hanni & Nanni 2 will be released by Universal...  


Magnus von Horn  • Director

"Nowadays, men are experiencing more of a clash"

Magnus von Horn • Director

CANNES 2015: One of the stars of this year’s Directors’ Fortnight, Magnus von Horn discusses The Here...  


Ulrike von Ribbeck • director

"Teamwork, trust and tension"

Ulrike von Ribbeck • director


Manuel von Stürler • Director

"I tried very hard not to make a nostalgic film"

Manuel von Stürler • Director

With Winter Nomads, Manuel von Stürler signs his first documentary about an unusual human adventure: the...  


Cannes 2009 - 
Lars von Trier • Director

“A very dark dream about guilt and sexuality”

Cannes 2009
Lars von Trier • Director

Cannes 2009 Lars von Trier • Director “A very dark dream about guilt and sexuality”  


Lars von Trier

In search of new forms of expression

Lars von Trier

“I don’t see other people’s films, but make the films that I myself would like to see”  


Lars von Trier • Director

“I’ve never killed anyone myself… If I do, it will probably be a journalist”

Lars von Trier • Director

CANNES 2018: Lars von Trier is back in town, out of competition with The House That Jack Built, feeling...  

16/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Out of Competition

Lars von Trier • Director

Von Trier’s train wreck

Lars von Trier • Director

The enfant terrible of European cinema tells all about Melancholia, his "beautiful film about the end of...  


Lars   von Trier   • Director

Von Trier's train wreck

Lars von Trier • Director

The Danish director answered questions from the international press following the premiere of Melancholia,...  


Lars von Trier - director - Nicole Kidman - Actress

Interview - Cannes Film Festival 2003

Lars von Trier - director
Nicole Kidman - Actress

The Danish director comes back to Cannes to show his film Dogville in company with the actress Nicole Kidman  

Margarethe von Trotta  • Director

The predecessor of all von Trotta women

Margarethe von Trotta • Director