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Philippe Van Leeuw  • Director

"It’s not a war film, but a film about war"

Philippe Van Leeuw • Director

Philippe Van Leeuw once again deals a striking blow with Insyriated, the story of a punishing day in the...  


Philippe Van Leeuw, director of Le Jour ou Dieu est parti en voyage

Video - San Sebastián Film Festival 2009

Philippe Van Leeuw, director of Le Jour ou Dieu est parti en voyage

Belgian filmmaker Philippe Van Leeuw has received the Kutxa - New Directors Award 2009 for his feature Le...  

Govinda Van Maele  • Director

“Making a film in Luxembourg forces you to face an aesthetic conundrum”

Govinda Van Maele • Director

TORONTO 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Govinda Van Maele to discuss the story behind his debut feature,...  


Olivier Van Malderghem, director of Rondo

Belgian cinema

Olivier Van Malderghem, director of Rondo

Interview with the director  

Esther van Messel and Gitte Hansen • First Hand Films International Sales

International sales policy: the distribution of European documentaries  


Hans Van Nuffel • Director


Hans Van Nuffel • Director

European Film Awards 2011 European Discovery Oxygen by Hans Van Nuffel  

Christophe van Rompaey • Director

"Everybody has been through something similar"

Christophe van Rompaey • Director


Alex van Varmerdam • Director

“The pleasure comes from inventing it all”

Alex van Varmerdam • Director

In competition for the first time in Cannes, the Dutch filmmaker gives a few cryptic leads for...  


Alex van Warmerdam  • Director

“I wanted to create a simple exercise in style”

Alex van Warmerdam • Director

LOCARNO 2015: Cineuropa speaks with Alex van Warmerdam about his new work Schneider vs. Bax, screening at...  


Martin Vandas

Producer on the Move 2007 – Czech Republic

Martin Vandas

Martin Vandas Producer On The Move 2007 – Czech Republic  


Philippe Vandendriessche  • Director


Philippe Vandendriessche • Director

Cinergie met up with Belgian director and photographer Philippe Vandendriessche to talk about his recent...  

Marc Vandeweyer  • Chief executive of Cartoon Movie

"There is an extraordinary degree of diversity"

Marc Vandeweyer • Chief executive of Cartoon Movie

Marc Vandeweyer, chief executive of Cartoon Movie, unveils the trends of the 17th edition  


Marc Vandeweyer • Festival director, Cartoon Movie


Marc Vandeweyer • Festival director, Cartoon Movie

Marc Vandeweyer, Cartoon Movie's festival director, analyses the state of European animation in 2014  

Marc Vandeweyer • General director, Cartoon

What if we were to give a certification to European animation?

Marc Vandeweyer • General director, Cartoon

Cineuropa caught up with Marc Vandeweyer, the director general of Cartoon, who stressed the importance for...  


Viviane  Vanfleteren  • Producer

Belgian animation

Viviane Vanfleteren • Producer met with producer Viviane Vanfleteren (Vivi Film), Toon Roebben (3D - Walking the dog) and...  


Michele Vannucci  • Director

"You don’t have to stack the deck"

Michele Vannucci • Director

Michele Vannucci talks about his debut piece I Was a Dreamer, which was presented at Venice and is based...