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Jan Speckenbach  • Director

“We should definitely find different solutions in cinema”

Jan Speckenbach • Director

LOCARNO 2017: German director Jan Speckenbach discusses gender stereotypes, his writing process and the...  


Col Spector • Director

Someone Else

Col Spector • Director


Thierry Spicher • Producer

The art of the co-production

Thierry Spicher • Producer

Thierry Spicher’s cinematic debut, feature film My Brother is Getting Married, is a co-production with...  


Thierry  Spicher • Producer

A taste for sharing

Thierry Spicher • Producer

Co-produced by France and Belgium, Home is a Swiss-initiated project led by Thierry Spicher and Elena Tatti  


Götz  Spielmann  • Director

"Accepting tensions"

Götz Spielmann • Director

Interview in Paris with the Austrian director of Revanche – nominated this year for the Best Foreign...  


Broadcasting on Mobile Phone

Hans Spielthenner • OHM: TV (Spain)


Michel Spinosa • Director

Anna M, just a jealous woman

Michel Spinosa • Director


Federico Spoletti  • Managing director, Sub-Ti Ltd

"Accessible cinema caters for the needs of everybody"

Federico Spoletti • Managing director, Sub-Ti Ltd

At Rome’s MIA, the managing director of international subtitling company Sub-Ti spoke about improving...  


Søren Stærmose  • Producer of the Millennium films

Casting Lisbeth Salander was our first focus

Søren Stærmose • Producer of the Millennium films


Simon Staho • Director

Portrait of the artist as an outsider

Simon Staho • Director


Andrea Staka  • Director

"I am interested in the invisible, what is going on inside human beings"

Andrea Staka • Director

Cineuropa met up with Swiss filmmaker Andrea Staka, who, through Cure: The Life of Another, allows us to...  


Judit Stalter • Laokoon Filmgroup

Producers on the move 2012 – Hungary

Judit Stalter • Laokoon Filmgroup

Propelled to centre stage of the Hungarian film industrythanks to Happy new life, Laokoon Filmgroup has...  


Bernie Stampfer - Deutsche Bank

Industry report

Bernie Stampfer - Deutsche Bank

The role of the banks in the near future in the audiovisual industry  

Zoran Stankovic  • Distributor

European Distributors: Up Next! 2009 - Serbia

Zoran Stankovic • Distributor


Ben Stassen • Director & Producer

"Our market is the international market"

Ben Stassen • Director & Producer

Ben Stassen and his animation studio nWave, based in Brussels, are leaders in international 3D animated...  


Frank L. Stavik • Managing Director, Fidalgo Film Distribution

"The grave for small distributors"

Frank L. Stavik • Managing Director, Fidalgo Film Distribution

The managing director of Fidalgo Film Distribution explains how the digital reality has changed the...