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Coralie Fargeat • Director

"I was aiming for something so excessive that it became almost surreal"

Coralie Fargeat • Director

French director Coralie Fargeat talks to us about her explosive debut feature film Revenge, sold around...  


Asghar Farhadi • Director

“One thing that I'm sure I'll never do is deliver messages through cinema”

Asghar Farhadi • Director

Asghar Farhadi spoke to the press at Doha's Qumra about both his recent Oscar win and the Spanish project...  


Felice Farina  • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2014

Felice Farina • Director

VENICE 2014: Felice Farina's new film, presented in Venice Days, is set on top of a factory tower, where...  


Saeed Taji Farouky  • Director

“I would only risk my life to make a film that was unique”

Saeed Taji Farouky • Director

Palestinian-British filmmaker Saeed Taji Farouky explains how it was to shoot Tell Spring Not to Come This...  


Siobhán Farrell  • Distributor

European Distributors: Up Next! 2009 - Ireland

Siobhán Farrell • Distributor


Tom Fassaert • Director

“I wanted to remove the mask”

Tom Fassaert • Director

Dutch director Tom Fassaert talks about his engaging and highly personal documentary A Family Affair, Best...  


Michael Fassbender • Actor


Michael Fassbender • Actor

Michael Fassbender talks about his work in Steve McQueen's third feature 12 Years a Slave  

Alberto Fasulo  • Director

“I believe films can really speak when they are personal”

Alberto Fasulo • Director

Friuli director Alberto Fasulo is once more on the road to present his film TIR in Italian movie theatres  


Philippe Faucon • Director

"It’s about creating something authentic, right and true"

Philippe Faucon • Director

CANNES 2018: Philippe Faucon talks about his 10th feature film Amin, well-received at the 50th Directors'...  

16/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Directors' Fortnight

Philippe Faucon  • Director

"Creating real, live characters"

Philippe Faucon • Director

CANNES 2015: We met up with French filmmaker Philippe Faucon to discuss his highly successful Fatima,...  


Miguel A Faura • Producer

“I find it naïve to think that a product will only be consumed in one country”

Miguel A Faura • Producer

Cineuropa talks to Miguel A Faura, the Spanish producer behind films such as Hierro, Painless and Enemy,...  


Isabelle Fauvel  • Specialised in project development

Script expertise

Isabelle Fauvel • Specialised in project development


Thierry Baujard and Vincent Favrat • Directors of Just Temptation

"Producers, directors, composers and Just Temptation share the same objective"

Thierry Baujard and Vincent Favrat • Directors of Just Temptation

Thierry Baujard and Vincent Favrat elaborate on Just Temptation’s innovative business model  


Michael John Fedun • Corrino Media Group

Producers on the Move 2011 – Netherlands

Michael John Fedun • Corrino Media Group

Michael John Fedun is a producer at Amsterdam-based Corrino Media Group, which alternates Dutch projects...  


Tim Fehlbaum • Director

Interview - 10 European Directors To Watch

Tim Fehlbaum • Director

Hell’s director explains how he managed to create a post-apocalyptic film without using Hollywood special...  

Alexander Fehling • Actress

Shooting Stars 2011

Alexander Fehling • Actress

Interview with the shooting star Alexander Fehling, who had a supporting role in Quentin Tarantino's...