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Yann Gonzalez • Director

"I’m a big fan of the cinema of love and subversion"

Yann Gonzalez • Director

Yann Gonzalez unpacks Knife + Heart, unveiled in competition at Cannes and starring Vanessa Paradis as a gay porn film producer  


Henrika Kull • Director

"The question of what love is, and how it can work, is what drives me"

Henrika Kull • Director

German filmmaker Henrika Kull talked to us about her first feature film Jibril, world-premiered in Berlinale's Panorama section, and now screening at Cinema...  

25/06/2018 | Cinema Jove 2018

Tea Falco • Director

"I wanted to show people Sicily’s best side”

Tea Falco • Director

Actress Tea Falco makes her directorial debut with This is Not a Cannolo, a docufiction in search of the meaning of life, set in Sicily and screened at the...  

19/06/2018 | Biografilm 2018

Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire • Director

"It’s about him battling his demons"

Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire • Director

Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire talks to Cineuropa about his powerful film A Prayer Before Dawn, which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival and is hitting French...  


Carlos Saura • Director

“Sometimes it’s more fascinating to follow the evolution of a project”

Carlos Saura • Director

We chatted with the great Spanish film director Carlos Saura to find out more about his documentary Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light, world-premiering at...  

18/06/2018 | Biografilm 2018

Anna de Manincor • Director

"CERN is a place of absolute privilege and pure research"

Anna de Manincor • Director

Director Anna de Manincor from the ZimmerFrei collective talks about her documentary about CERN, Almost Nothing, which won an award at Nyon and is screening...  

15/06/2018 | Biografilm 2018

Laura Houlgatte  • CEO, International Union of Cinemas

“The cinema industry is constantly transforming its relationship with audiences”

Laura Houlgatte • CEO, International Union of Cinemas

At CineEurope 2018 in Barcelona, we chatted to Laura Houlgatte, the CEO of UNIC, about new trends, tools and technologies  


Mats Grorud • Director

"There’s a lot that isn’t talked about that you have to take the time to unearth"

Mats Grorud • Director

Norwegian director Mats Grorud talks about his debut feature film, The Tower, an animated film unveiled at Annecy  

13/06/2018 | Annecy 2018

David Lambert • Director

"It's my least autobiographical film, and yet my most personal"

David Lambert • Director

We met up with Belgian director and screenwriter David Lambert, whose third feature film, Troisièmes noces, is released this Wednesday in Belgian cinemas  


Mihai Chirilov  • Artistic director, Transilvania International Film Festival

“I hope film lovers will always prefer the experience of cinema-going”

Mihai Chirilov • Artistic director, Transilvania International Film Festival

We chatted to Transilvania IFF artistic director Mihai Chirilov about this year’s rather nostalgic edition, the perils of political correctness and the...  

07/06/2018 | Transilvania 2018

Emmanuelle Bonmariage • Director

"Manu is never obscene or vulgar, even if he does shake things up a bit"

Emmanuelle Bonmariage • Director

We met up with Emmanuelle Bonmariage, whose film Manu, dedicated to her father Manu Bonmariage, is released this Wednesday, 6 June in Belgian cinemas  


Pavle Vučković  • Director

“The award will help to give the project a seal of quality”

Pavle Vučković • Director

We spoke to Serbian filmmaker Pavle Vučković just after he won the €20,000 Eurimages Co-production Development Award at this year's Transilvania Pitch Stop  

06/06/2018 | Transilvania 2018 | Industry

Gustav Möller  • Director

“I am a strong believer in boundaries to enhance creativity”

Gustav Möller • Director

Cineuropa chatted to first-time director Gustav Möller about his one-set thriller The Guilty and what makes it so compelling for the audience  

05/06/2018 | Transilvania 2018 | Competition

Joern Utkilen • Director

"I have no interest in faithfully reproducing reality by creating a simple copy"

Joern Utkilen • Director

Norwegian director Joern Utkilen tells us about his debut feature film Lake over Fire and invites us to ponder his creative process  


Zosya Rodkevich • Director

“We wanted to tell this story from the inside”

Zosya Rodkevich • Director

We chatted to Zosya Rodkevich, one of the directors of the Krakow-screened White Mama, about the making of the film and where the protagonists are now  

04/06/2018 | Krakow 2018