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13 June 2016

Exhibitors – Denmark

Nordisk Film to open Denmark’s first pop-up virtual-reality cinema

03 June 2016

Exhibitors – Italy

Estate d’Autore: FICE extends the film season

01 June 2016

Distribution – France

Nour Films invests in young European talents

31 May 2016

Distribution – Slovakia/Czech Republic

Film Europe lands even more big fish from Cannes

30 May 2016

Exhibitors – Germany

The shortening of the theatrical window could affect German films

21 May 2016

Cannes 2016 – Exhibitors

Europa Cinemas conference: “The success of a movie is decided in the cinemas”

17 May 2016

Distribution – France/UK

NOWAVE: New SVoD platform to be launched in France and the UK

29 April 2016

Distribution – Italy

Home Video: sales on the up again thanks to TV series

27 April 2016

Distribution – Serbia/Montenegro

Mirjana Karanović takes A Good Wife on tour

20 April 2016

Distribution – Nordic countries/Baltic countries

"Like a kid in a candy store": NonStop Timeless to re-release the world's beloved classics

15 April 2016

Distribution – Spain

#ConUnPack launched to support independent film

12 April 2016

Releases – Norway

Norway’s El Clásico unites football and love

05 April 2016

Distribution – UK/Sweden

Distrify Media teams with Folkets Bio for 200 award winning films

31 March 2016

Distribution – Netherlands

Film Distributors Netherlands operational as of tomorrow

29 March 2016

Distribution – Slovakia

Film Europe makes a raft of new acquisitions

24 March 2016

Distribution – UK/China

BFI teams with iQIYI to access China market

Distribution – Hungary

Vertigo Média buys almost all the Bear winners

Exhibition – Europe

Odeon UCI group revenues rise by 19.7%

16 March 2016

Distribution – Germany/World

German Films supports 16 foreign theatrical releases of German films abroad

10 March 2016

Releases – Italy

Forever Young: “Fake youths” according to Fausto Brizzi

Releases – Denmark/world

Swedish pop duo Roxette on a digital tour around the world

09 March 2016

Distribution – France

Météore Films dives in at the deep end with Suite armoricaine

Releases – Belgium

Keeper: Anatomy of a teenage pregnancy

08 March 2016

Market – UK

Starline allies with Alliance on Jonas Kaufmann: An Evening with Puccini

02 March 2016

Releases – Belgium

High hopes for Felix Van Groeningen's Belgica

25 February 2016

Releases – Italy

Tiramisù: Can a semifreddo change your life?

19 February 2016

Releases – Europe

The Wounded Angel to premiere online on Festival Scope

10 February 2016

Exhibitors – Romania

Cinema City to open four new multiplexes in Romania

Releases – Belgium

Saga Film releases Mirage d’Amour in Belgium

05 February 2016

Exhibitors – Romania

Romanian Ministry of Culture to reorganise state-owned cinema network

03 February 2016

Distribution – Europe

Scope100 winners picked by audiences

Releases – Belgium

Le Chant des Hommes : Speak for the voiceless

28 January 2016

Releases – Italy

L’abbiamo fatta grossa: an exceptional comic duo against a noir backdrop

27 January 2016

Releases – Belgium

The White Knights tops the bill in Belgium

25 January 2016

Releases – Italy

Urge: Alessandro Bergonzoni in movie theatres with EXIT Med!a

Distribution – Italy

Rete degli Spettatori, a second chance for good-quality films

22 January 2016

Releases – Italy

The Colour of Grass, a film to watch with your eyes closed

Releases – Italy

Ridendo e scherzando: Scola remembered in the movie theatres

Releases – Romania

20 domestic releases expected in Romanian cinemas this year

21 January 2016

Releases – Italy

The Pills - Sempre meglio che lavorare: 3 eternal teenagers' leap from the internet to film