Production / Funding

5708 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 18/06/2018. 438 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

31 January 2017

Production – Spain/France

Carlos Vermut’s new film to be called Quién te cantará

Production – Romania

Constantin Popescu in post-production with Pororoca

27 January 2017

Funding – Belgium takes stock of its first-year results

25 January 2017

Production – Spain/France

Shoot for Viaje alrededor del cuarto de una madre about to kick off

Production – Greece

Nikos Kazantzakis biopic completes principal photography

24 January 2017

Production – Romania

Cristi Iftime completes post-production on his first feature, Mariţa

Funding – Poland

Support granted to minority Polish co-productions

Funding – Europe/Spain

First partnership in Spain for the Creative Europe guarantee fund

Production – Greece

Costas Zapas all set for Frankenstein REC

23 January 2017

Production – Romania

Marian Crişan in development with Berliner

Production – Spain

La maniobra de la tortuga to be made into a film

20 January 2017

Production – Spain

Zentropa Spain preparing the shoot for El año de la plaga

Production – Sweden

“The preciousness and beauty of our existence,” as seen by Roy Andersson

19 January 2017

Funding – Italy

The Lazio Region sets aside €9 million for the production of Italian and foreign films

Production – Spain/France/Denmark

Jaime Rosales readying the shoot for Petra

17 January 2017

Production – France

It’s full steam ahead for Nord-Ouest Films in 2017

16 January 2017

Production – Egypt/France

Sherif El Bendary’s Ali, the Goat, and Ibrahim is all set to reach worldwide audiences

12 January 2017

Production – Ireland/UK

Mark O’Rowe completes The Delinquent Season

Production – France

The Apparition: Vincent Lindon on Xavier Giannoli’s set

Production – France

Gilles Lellouche dives in at the deep end in Le Grand Bain

10 January 2017

Funding – Italy

MiBACT throws its weight behind Rohrwacher, Bispuri, Andò, Radford and Kechiche

Production – France

Sophie Fillières all set to shoot La Belle et la belle

09 January 2017

Production – Italy

Claudio Santamaria and Marco Giallini on the set of Rimetti a noi i nostri debiti

Funding – Albania

18 film projects to be supported by the Albanian National Center of Cinematography

Funding – Greece

Greece's ERT supports 22 film projects

04 January 2017

Production – Denmark

One location, one character, one night: Gustav Möller’s The Guilty

03 January 2017

Production – Spain

Karra Elejalde has a favour to ask of God in Holy Goalie

02 January 2017

Production – Czech Republic

Helena Třeštíková finishes a time-lapse documentary spanning 35 years

Production – France

Xabi Molia shoots Comme des rois

30 December 2016

Production – Norway/Netherlands

Norwegian director Arild Andresen knows how to Handle with Care

29 December 2016

Production – Norway

From the top of YouTube to Norwegian cinemas

28 December 2016

Funding – Germany

German genre films get funding from the FFHSH

Funding – Czech Republic

Czech Cinematography Fund supports promising domestic projects

26 December 2016

Production – Spain

Patricia Ferreira whisks us off to Vietnam

22 December 2016

Production – France/Belgium

Olivier Marchal wraps up filming on Carbon

20 December 2016

Funding – Netherlands

Netherlands Film Production Incentive to support nine new projects

Funding – Germany

FFF Bayern supports Stefan Ruzowitzky, Detlev Buck and Ralf Huettner

19 December 2016

Funding – Sweden/Norway

Lucky gangster from Sweden, doping Domestique from Norway

Funding – Europe

Eurimages supports 13 co-productions

16 December 2016

Production – Sweden

Maria Blom will direct a CGI Monky in her new film