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30 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

The Captain and the morality of the pack

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Beyond Words: The limitations of language

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Cinema’s (friendly) ghosts

29 September 2017

Holland Film Meeting 2017

The changing nature of sales under the spotlight at the HFM

Industry – Switzerland

New support measures for Swiss production at an international level

San Sebastián 2017 – New Directors

The Sower: The much-desired man

San Sebastián 2017 – New Directors

Ravens: When brown turns to red

San Sebastián 2017 – New Directors

Apostasy: Who’s that knocking at my door

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

A Sort of Family: Not without my son

Production – Poland/Belgium

Bartosz Konopka’s The Mute starts filming

Box office – Ireland

Maze sets the yearly record for the biggest opening weekend for a domestic film

Industry – Europe/Latin America

EFADs and CAACI highlight the importance of strengthening Euro-Latino collaboration

Festivals – Romania

The 12th edition of Anim’est is ready to kick off

Production – Luxembourg/Netherlands

Max Jacoby shooting Péitruss in Luxembourg

28 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Review: Life and Nothing More

Festivals – Denmark

14 new Danish features at Copenhagen’s CPH PIX

Festivals – Iceland

The 14th Reykjavik International Film Festival prepares to kick off

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Review: Soldiers. Story from Ferentari

Production – Germany

Suck Me Shakespeer 3 prepares for a new academic year

Thessaloniki 2017

Thessaloniki unveils its Balkan Survey and Tributes sections

Funding – France

Arte France Cinéma selects Non Fiction by Olivier Assayas to co-produce

Holland Film Meeting 2017

Ghosts from the past and heroes from the present at HFM’s Work-in-Progress

San Sebastián 2017 – Zabaltegi/Tabakalera

FILM FOCUS: Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

San Sebastián 2017 – Industry/Awards

San Sebastián’s Industry Club presents its prizes

Holland Film Meeting 2017 – Awards

The Holland Film Meeting hands out its awards

27 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Special Presentations

Dying: Until your last breath

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

The Motive: Whatever it takes to follow your dream

Rome 2017 – Industry

20 projects from 14 countries around the globe to be showcased at the MIA in Rome

San Sebastián 2017 – Industry

Films in Progress puts the finishing touches on six new projects

Funding – Slovakia

Slovakia overhauls its support system for audiovisual projects

Films – Slovenia/Croatia

Playing Men: Exploring masculinity and competitiveness

European Film Awards 2017

EFA short film nominations for 2017 announced

Festivals – Sweden

Last Men in Aleppo wins the Nordisk Panorama in Malmö

San Sebastián 2017 – Industry

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and the Basque country are all represented in Glocal in Progress

Festivals – France

Diversity in British cinema to be showcased at Dinard

San Sebastián 2017 – New Directors

Cargo: Plunging into a vast communicative chasm

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Review: Giant

26 September 2017

Films – Slovenia/Austria

The Family: An extraordinary protagonist in even more extraordinary circumstances

Oscar 2018 – Italy

Jonas Carpignano's A Ciambra has been put forward by Italy for the Oscar

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Review: Pororoca