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06 October 2017

Zurich 2017 – Industry

Connect to Reality: the Zurich Film Festival reflects on the future of Swiss cinema

Rome 2017

Alice nella città blows out its 15 candles with Orlando Bloom

Namur 2017

The Faithful Son: Fragile marginality

London 2017

Journey’s End: An unsent letter from the front

Television – Germany

European TV co-productions steal the show at Series Lab Hamburg

Zurich 2017

Review: Fell in Love with a Girl

IndieCork 2017

The “rebel city” is ready to host the fifth edition of IndieCork

Production – France/Belgium

Frédéric Carpentier filming Savage Youth

London 2017

Ghost Stories: A sceptical spectacle

05 October 2017

Festivals – Spain

Segovia plays host to the ninth 3D Wire

London 2017 – Industry

The London Film Festival boasts a strong industry section

Namur 2017

The Benefit of the Doubt, when uncertainty creeps in

Sitges 2017

Sitges hits the ripe old age of 50

Industry – France

High-level debates on the cards in Dijon

Busan 2017 – Industry

EFP takes Europe to Busan

Films – Poland

Loving Vincent: Citizen van Gogh

04 October 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Zabaltegi-Tabakalera

Saura(s): The elusive master

Production – Italy

Filming commences on La profezia dell'armadillo, from Zerocalcare's graphic novel

Festivals – Luxembourg

The tenth-anniversary edition of CinEast kicks off in Luxembourg City

Production – Portugal

Bruno Gascon’s feature debut, Carga, enters post-production

Festivals – France

German films bask in the limelight in Paris

Television – Germany

Development and financing of European drama series in focus at the Series Lab Hamburg

Namur 2017

Stand-Up Girl!: Nawell Madani, it’s all her

03 October 2017

Festivals – Germany

The first Rügen International Film Festival is about to get under way

Oscars 2018 – Latvia

The Latvian Oscar entry is The Chronicles of Melanie

Zurich 2017

Daphne: The lively portrait of a modern heroine

Production – France

Marion Cotillard to star in Gueule d'Ange

Zurich 2017

The Wife: The noble woman behind the Nobel-winning author

San Sebastián 2017 – Horizontes Latinos

Los perros: Poor little rich girl

Production – Italy

Roberto Andò starts filming on Una storia senza nome

02 October 2017

Film – Italy

Ferrante Fever: In search of the secret behind the “faceless writer”

Films – Portugal

Al Berto: Liberty, there for the taking

Production – Germany/France

The Most Beautiful Couple is in post-production

Production – France

Filming to commence on Au bout des doigts by Ludovic Bernard

Production – France/Belgium/Georgia/Switzerland

Eva Husson shooting Girls of the Sun

San Sebastián 2017 – Awards

The Golden Shell goes to James Franco

Television – Ireland

New funding scheme announced to support Irish comedy on the international market

Industry – Albania

The Balkan Film Market kicks off

Festivals – Netherlands

Brimstone triumphs at the 37th Netherlands Film Festival

30 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

The Captain and the morality of the pack