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08 November 2017

Arras 2017 – Industry

Eight projects to be pitched at the Arras Days

Cottbus 2017 – Industry

It’s all systems go for coco

07 November 2017

Seville 2017 – Industry

Seville – the centre of film circulation

31 October 2017

Market – USA/Europe

EFP presents the Europe! Umbrella at the AFM

Industry – Netherlands

Winners announced for Cinekid for Professionals 2017

Market – USA/France

French sales agents ready to spring into action at the AFM

30 October 2017

Black Nights 2017 – Industry

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event unveil their Works in Progress

Industry – Turkey

The Antalya Film Forum hands out its awards

27 October 2017

Jihlava 2017

Ji.hlava’s Emerging Producers presents the participants in its sixth edition

Trieste 2018 – Industry

WEMW and TSFF launch This is IT

Jihlava 2017

Ji.hlava’s Industry Programme is in full swing

Jihlava 2017

The Ji.hlava Academy enrols its first students

26 October 2017

Cinemed 2017 – Industry/Awards

La Dernière reine awarded at the Cinemed Meetings

Cottbus 2017 – Industry

The 19th connecting cottbus launches coco Work in Progress

25 October 2017

Thessaloniki 2017 – Industry

Thessaloniki’s Agora unveils all of its sections

Warsaw 2017 – Industry

The River: Aslan and His Brothers wins the Pitching Award at the Warsaw Industry Days

24 October 2017

Astra 2017 – Industry

Astra’s industry platform awards three projects

Industry – Netherlands

Cinekid for Professionals kicks off in Amsterdam

Industry – Czech Republic

Kosovar project Zana takes home the MIDPOINT Feature Launch Award

23 October 2017

Jihlava 2017 – Industry

A look at the industry events at Ji.hlava

Rome 2017 – Market/Awards

The third edition of the MIA hands out its awards

20 October 2017

Rotterdam 2018 – Industry

IFFR's Hubert Bals Fund announces fall 2017 selection

19 October 2017

Rome 2017 – Market

"Matching Excellence": Rome’s MIA kicks off today

18 October 2017

Rome 2017 – Market

The IDM Film Fund is on the lookout for TV series producers at MIA

Rome 2017 – Market

Rome Lazio Film Commission present at the MIA in Rome

Industry – Spain

Abycine Lanza grows bigger and stronger

17 October 2017

Industry – Italy

Biennale College – Cinema presents the 12 projects participating in its workshop

16 October 2017

Industry – Belgium

Connext brings together Flemish professionals and international broadcasters

Industry – France

The pros and cons of the new world of platforms

Industry – France

Dijon delves into global strategies and local tactics

13 October 2017

Industry – Italy

FICE: arthouse cinemas are essential for quality films

10 October 2017

Industry – Albania

The Balkan Film Market wraps the latest edition of Albascript+

06 October 2017

Zurich 2017 – Industry

Connect to Reality: the Zurich Film Festival reflects on the future of Swiss cinema

05 October 2017

London 2017 – Industry

The London Film Festival boasts a strong industry section

Industry – France

High-level debates on the cards in Dijon

Busan 2017 – Industry

EFP takes Europe to Busan

02 October 2017

Industry – Albania

The Balkan Film Market kicks off

29 September 2017

Holland Film Meeting 2017

The changing nature of sales under the spotlight at the HFM

Industry – Switzerland

New support measures for Swiss production at an international level

Industry – Europe/Latin America

EFADs and CAACI highlight the importance of strengthening Euro-Latino collaboration