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24 November 2017

Films – UK

Brakes: Breaking up is never easy

Gijón 2017

Les sept déserteurs ou La Guerre en vrac: The irrepressible Paul Vecchiali

Black Nights 2017 – First Features Competition

Driver: Tales that certainly won't put you to sleep

IDFA 2017

A Woman Captured: Modern slavery in the heart of Europe

IDFA 2017

The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid: A peculiarly poetic David vs Goliath story

23 November 2017

Films – Italy

Couch Potatoes: When fathers feel misunderstood

Films – Poland

Silent Night: All is (not) calm

Gijón 2017

En attendant les barbares: Divine words

22 November 2017

Gijón 2017

The mysterious man who lived La vida lliure

20 November 2017

IDFA 2017

The Other Side of Everything: A perfect cross between personal and political

16 November 2017

Films – Italy

La casa di famiglia: Never sell the family home

Zagreb 2017

The Frog: The traumas and the consequences of the Bosnian War

Zagreb 2017

Iskra: A suspenseful thriller with a political angle

15 November 2017

Seville 2017 – Resistencias

Review: The Wild Season

14 November 2017

Film – France

Jalouse: A light-hearted yet scathing comedy

Cottbus 2017 – Competition

Wild Roses: The intangible

Arras 2017 – European Discoveries

1917 – The Real October: Artists and revolution

13 November 2017

Seville 2017 – Competition

Penélope: The art of waiting

09 November 2017

Films – Italy

Review: The Place

Arras 2017 – Competition

Handle with Care: "It’s just you and me"

08 November 2017

Seville 2017 – Special Screening

Oro: A human pack of wolves

Arras 2017 – European Discoveries

Sunbeat: No more secrets

07 November 2017

Seville 2017 – The New Waves

Algo muy gordo: What are we laughing about?

06 November 2017

Rome 2017 – Alice nella Città

Si muore tutti democristiani: From the heart to the wallet

Seville 2017 – Competition

Review: Anchor and Hope

Arras 2017 – European Discoveries

The tale of The Elephant and the Butterfly

Films – Hungary

Budapest Noir: Murder on Nagydiófa street

Viennale 2017

Farewell to the Parents: An essay on a young man’s freedom

02 November 2017

Rome 2017

Maria by Callas: In Her Own Words: A delicate diva

Rome 2017 – Alice nella Città

Lola+Jeremy: An homage to Michel Gondry

Films – Portugal

Peregrinação: Embracing ambiguity

Viennale 2017

Gwendolyn: The athletic and inner battles of a remarkable woman

31 October 2017

Rome 2017 – Alice nella Città

Finding Camille: A father, a daughter and disappearing memories

Astra 2017

Batusha’s House: The spirit of a country captured in a house

Jihlava 2017

Sand and Blood: A digital Guernica

Viennale 2017

Making Judith!: Not all movies are destined to be finished

Jihlava 2017 – Visions du Réel 2018

The Dispossessed: The realities of exploitation by the global agriculture industry

30 October 2017

Rome 2017

Ferrari: Race to Immortality: The 1950s and "gladiator" drivers

Viennale 2017

Ramiro: The exciting life of a frustrated, “blocked” poet

27 October 2017

Cinemed 2017 – Competition

Northern Wind: Two sides of the same coin