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When East Meets West: focus on Benelux


- The titles of the 22 projects selected for the Trieste co-production forum, dedicated to co-productions with Eastern Europe, have been announced

A total of 22 cinema projects from 15 different European countries will be presented to industry workers during the edition of When East Meets West, the co-production forum for co-productions between countries in Eastern and Western Europe, which will take place 20-22 January 2014 within the context of the Trieste Film Festival.

Organised by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund, When East Meets West will focus on Benelux this year. The programme will include a series of panels and meetings for co-production opportunities with Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

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The commission, composed of international experts, took 200 options into consideration – 23 from Benelux, 32 from Italy and the rest from Eastern Europe. Of the candidates from 29 European countries, 22 projects to be developed were selected for pitching purposes. Of these, 10 are documentaries and 12 are feature length fiction films. All will be presented to an audience of possible co-producers and international distributors. 

“The notable increase in the number of projects presented not only bears witness to the success of WEMW, but also shows an interest shown from new members of the European Union as they establish coproduction relationships with Western European countries and vice versa,” Paolo Vidali, director of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund, said.

A novelty from this year is the FILMMORE Talent Emerging Award, a new award worth €5,000 made available by one of the main post-production companies from Benelux. 

This fourth edition will also feature an international jury. Nikolaj Nikitin from FILMPLUS, Matthieu Darras from the TORINO FILM LAB and Kristina Trapp from EAVE will choose the best project to be given the WEMW Development Award. The winner will receive a scholarship to take part in the edition of the EAVE European Producers Workshop.

Support for WEMW from MEDIA Programme, CEI (Central European Initiative), MiBACT and Friuli Venezia Giulia has been renewed. The network of partners and supporters confirm the key role WEMW plays in the development of new, internationally valuable projects.

When East Meets West is organised by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund, together with the Trieste Film Festival, in collaboration with EAVE, Antenna MEDIA Torino, Maia workshops, Eurimages and with support from the MEDIA Programme, cinema authority MiBACT, CEI (Central European Initiative), and the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The 2014 focus is being held in partnership with MEDIA Desk België, MEDIA Desk Belgique-Communauté française, MEDIA Desk Luxembourg, MEDIA Desk Nederland, Luxembourg Film Fund, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Wallimage, Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel, Netherlands Film Fund and Film Producers Netherlands. 

The 22 WEMW selected projects are:

1313 Dante's Emperor (feature length)
Regista: Bady Minck Produttore: Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu / Amour Fou, Luxembourg

A Passo d'uomo (feature length)
Regista: Francesco Falaschi, Produttore: Enzo Porcelli / Achab Film, Italy

Blood Money (feature length)
Regista: Kıvanç Sezer, Produttore: Soner Alper / Nar Film, Turkey

Burning Picasso (documentary)
Regista: Remus Achim, Produttore: Andrei Boncea, Cristina Badea / Euroart Film/Adenium Film, Romania

Coureur (feature length)
Regista: Kenneth Mercken, Produttore: Koen Mortier & Eurydice Gysel / Czar Tv, Belgium

Endless Garden (feature length)
Regista: Galin Stoev, Produttore: Martichka Bozhilova / Agitprop, Bulgaria

Eternal Silence (documentary)
Regista: Daniel Lambo, Produttore: Maarten Schmidt / Storyhouse, Belgium

Full Contact [+see also:
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(feature length)
Regista: David Verbeek, Produttore: Leontine Petit / Lemming Film, The Netherlands

Krani (feature length)
Regista: Gjorce Stavreski, Produttore: Emilija Cockova / Fragment Film, Macedonia

Man Of The House(feature length)
Regista: Andamion Murataj, Produttore: Andamion Murataj, Alexander Wadouh / Lissus Media, Albania

Meet Enver Hadri(documentary)
Regista: Gilles Coton, Produttore: Isabel De La Serna / Playtime Films, Belgium

My Ras Tafari Roots(documentary)
Regista: David Verhaeghe, Produttore: Maarten D'hollander / Off World, Belgium

Never Give Up(documentary)
Regista: Matej Minac, Produttore: Matej Minac, Patrik Pass / W.I.P., Czech Republic

No Train To Germany (documentary)
Regista: Tamara Mshvenieradze, Produttore: Alexander Kvatashidze / Lokokina Studio, Georgia

Partisan & Courtesan - How To Be The Niece Of A Dictator(documentary)
Regista: Bojana Papp, Produttore: Judit Stalter / Laokoon Film, Hungary

Rafaël(feature length)
Regista: Dennis Bots, Produttore: Reiner Selen / Rinkel Film, The Netherlands

Searching For Antigravity(documentary)
Regista: Arunas Matelis, Produttore: Arunas Matelis / Studio Nominum, Lithuania

The Frog (feature length)
Regista: Elmir Jukic, Produttore: Ademir Kenovic Snezana Maric / Refresh Production, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The Game Of Pirates(feature length)
Regista: Marje Jurtshenko, Ilmar Raag, Produttore: Riina Sildos / Amrion Production, Estonia

When Fucking Spring Is In The Air(feature length)
Regista: Danyael Sugawara, Produttore: Trent / Nfi Motion Pictures, The Netherlands

White Elk(documentary)
Regista: Giuseppe Leonetti, Produttore: Giuseppe Leonetti / Incandenza Film, Italy

Women On The Border (documentary)
Regista: Erika Rossi, Produttore: Marta Zaccaron / Quasar Multimedia, Italy

(Translated from Italian)

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