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VENICE 2014 Venice Days

Kim Ki-duk to open Venice Days with One on One


- The new film by the South Korean director revolves around an assassinated student. Gosetti: “His cinema does a great job of showcasing the spirit of our section”

Kim Ki-duk to open Venice Days with One on One
One on One by Kim Ki-duk

South Korean director Kim Ki-duk (Golden Lion in Venice in 2012 with Pietà, also in Venice last year with Moebius) will open this year’s Venice Days at the next Venice Film Festival with his new piece of work, One on One, which has just come out in South Korea. Already defined a “trauma film” because of its strong images and the “ugly, dirty and naughty” aura of it, One on One has the plot of a mysterious drama: “a young student assaulted, raped and assassinated. Seven people belonging to a group called The Shadows terrorise the seven suspects. But which one of those seven are you?” 

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“We are very honoured by Kim Ki-duk and his producers’ choice,” says the director of Venice Days, Giorgio Gosetti, “because his cinema, even in its extreme choices, does a great job of reproducing the spirit of our section, which recognises courage and creativity.”

Talking about One on One, the director said: “It is a film about the place where I live, Korea… Whether or not you agree with the film’s ending, if you do not want to feel killed, there is no reason for you to watch it. I did it so that someone would understand. Otherwise, there is no meaning. This is what we are now.” 

The 11th edition of Venice Days, the collection of independent films promoted by the associations of Italian filmmakers (Anac e 100autori) within the context of the Venice Film Festival, will take place August 27-September 6 at the same time as the festival.

(Translated from Italian)

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