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The decree for equal compensation of private copies has been signed into law


- Culture Minister Dario Franceschini signed the much-awaited law “assuring authors and artists have a just remuneration for their activities”

The decree for equal compensation of private copies has been signed into law

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini has signed a much-awaited decree into law updating the so-called equal compensation for private copies, or how much reproductions of multimedia content will cost for private reproduction. According to the minister, authors and artists will now be correctly remunerated for their activities.

Contribution from smart phones went up from 90 cents to €4 (compared to €8 in France) as well as on 16 gigabyte tablets (compared to €8.40 in France). Elio Catania, president of Confindustria Digitale openly declared himself against “any unjustified measures not reflecting consumers’ behaviours and the evolution of technologies, which do not support digital agendas”.  

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Filmmakers and audiovisual producers and their associations were happy with the news. "100autori, ANAC, ANICA, APT and ART thank Minister Franceschini who put effort, together with the government, to support cultural production in our country, signing provisions long-awaited, which will give faith  and a new lease on life to producers and makers of audiovisual content.”

For Angelo Barbagallo, president of ANICA producers, “beyond the purely economic aspect, which is also important, this gesture represents the recognition of how fundamental the cultural production sector is for our country, and is a new sign of attention from institutions.” 

(Translated from Italian)

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