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Sophia 2014: national film prize nominees announced


- Two films directed by Joaquim Leitão are among the most nominated titles

Sophia 2014: national film prize nominees announced
Actor Gonçalo Waddington is nominated for his performance in Joaquim Leitão’s Até Amanhã Camaradas

The Portuguese Film Academy announced the nominees for the 2014 edition of the Sophia Awards yesterday evening. Director Joaquim Leitão (whose latest film, Sei Lá [+see also:
film profile
, premiered last April and went on to become the most successful local feature of the year) stands out among the Sophia nominees, with two of his previous titles – Até Amanhã Camaradas and Quarta Divisão, both launched in 2013 – sharing the Best Film category with É o Amor and The Last Time I Saw Macao [+see also:
film profile
. Leitão himself is also nominated twice in the Best Director category.

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Até Amanhã Camaradas has scored a total of 15 nominations. Produced by Tino Navarro’s MGN, the film was originally a 2005 TV series based on a novel by historical Portuguese Communist leader Álvaro Cunhal. It was subsequently reedited and turned into a film, which was theatrically distributed in 2013. According to the ICA’s data, the film grossed only €12,394.

Besides nominations for Best Film and Best Director, Até Amanhã Camaradas is also competing for Best Actor (a double nomination for Cândido Ferreira and Gonçalo Waddington), Best Actress (Leonor Seixas), Supporting Actress (Carla Chambel), Supporting Actor (a double nomination for Adriano Carvalho and Adriano Luz), Score, Editing, Make-up, Costume Design, Sound Editing, Artistic Direction and Photography.

Also an MGN production, Quarta Divisão has scored six nominations, among them Carla Chambel (in the running for Best Actress), Pedro Ribeiro (Editing) and Carlos Lopes (Director of Photography). Released in February 2013, the film grossed €24,000.

Other hopefuls include Second Hand (Em Segunda Mão) by Catarina Ruivo (seven nominations), indie title The Last Time I Saw Macao by duo João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata, and Bairro – also originally a TV series turned into film – co-directed by Jorge Cardoso, Lourenço de Mello, José Manuel Fernandes and Ricardo Inácio (both with six nominations), in addition to João Canijo’s É o Amor (five) and the Swiss-Portuguese co-production Night Train to Lisbon [+see also:
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making of
film profile
 by Bille August (four). The most successful local title of 2013, 7 Pecados Rurais by Nicolau Breyner, made it onto the list with a single nomination (Best Make-up).

The 2014 Sophia Awards will be held on 8 October in Lisbon. As previously announced, this year the ceremony will honour director José Fonseca e Costa, DoP Eduardo Serra and producer Henrique Espírito Santo for their contribution to the world of film (see news).

Last year’s big winner was Vicente Alves do Ó’s Florbela [+see also:
film profile
, which nevertheless missed out on the Sophia for Best Film, which went to Miguel Gomes’ internationally acclaimed Tabu [+see also:
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interview: Miguel Gomes
interview: Miguel Gomes
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 (read more).

List of nominees:

Best Film
The Last time I saw Macao – BlackMaria
Até Amanhã Camaradas – MGN Filmes
Night Train to Lisbon – Cinemate
É o Amor – Loudness Films/MIDAS Filmes
Quarta Divisão – MGN Filmes 

Best Director
Joaquim Leitão – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Joaquim Leitão – Quarta Divisão
João Canijo – É o Amor
João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata – The Last Time I Saw Macao

Best Actress
Carla Chambel – Quarta Divisão
Leonor Seixas – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Maria João Bastos – Bairro
Rita Durão – Em Segunda Mão 

Best Actor
Cândido Ferreira – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Gonçalo Waddington – Até Amanhã Camaradas
João Lagarto – Bairro
Pedro Hestnes – Em Segunda Mão

Best Supporting Actress
Beatriz Batarda – Night Train to Lisbon
Carla Chambel – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Joana de Verona – Em Segunda Mão
Julie Sergeant – Bairro 

Best Supporting Actor
Adriano Carvalho – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Adriano Luz – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Adriano Luz – Night Train to Lisbon
Afonso Pimentel – Bairro
Carloto Cotta – Bairro
Marco D'Almeida – Night Train to Lisbon

Best Score
Rodrigo Leão – O Frágil Som do Meu Motor
João Marco – Além de ti
As Mercenárias, Mentis afro (Boss) and Primeiro G – Um Fim do Mundo
Luís Cília – Até Amanhã Camaradas 

Best Editing
Pedro Ribeiro – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Pedro Ribeiro – Quarta Divisão
João Braz – É o Amor
Miguel Costa, Gonçalo Frederico, Paulo Pinto, Bairro, João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata – The Last Time I Saw Macao

Best Make-up
Abigail Machado – A Republica di Mininus
Ana Lorena and Rute Alves – RPG
Cláudia Ferreira, Sandra Fonseca, João Rapaz, Iris Peleira, Sara Menitra e Helena Baptista – O Frágil Som do Meu Motor
Magali Santana – 7 Pecados Rurais
Sano de Perpessac – Night Train to Lisbon
Sano de Perpessac – Em Segunda Mão
Susana Correia and Ana Ferreira – Até Amanhã Camaradas 

Best Costume Design
Ana Simão – Em Segunda Mão
Maria Gonzaga e Maria Amaral – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Silvia Grabovwsky – 7 Pecados Rurais
Teresa Alves – Bairro 

Best Sound Editing
Carlos Alberto Lopes and Branco Neskov – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Carlos Alberto Lopes, Branco Neskov (C.A.S), Elsa Ferreira and Pedro Melo - Quarta Divisão
Pedro Vieira, Pedro Melo, Filipe Sambado, Ricardo Leal, Amélia Sarmento, Luís Bicudo and Paulo Abelho, João Eleutério – O Frágil Som do Meu Motor
Vasco Pedroso and Branco Neskov – RPG 

Best Artistic Direction
Augusto Mayer – Night Train to Lisbon
Isabel Branco and Paula Szabo – Em Segunda Mão
João Martins – Até Amanhã Camaradas
João Rui Guerra da Mata – The Last Time I Saw Macao 

Best Photography Direction
Carlos Lopes (AIP) – Quarta Divisão
José António Loureiro – Até Amanhã Camaradas
Mário Castanheira and Tiago Carvalho – É o Amor
Rui Poças – The Last Time I Saw Macao 

Best Original Script
António Pedro Figueiredo, Catarina Ruivo – Em Segunda Mão
Leonardo António and Inês Pott – O Frágil Som do Meu Motor
João Canijo and Anabela Moreira – É o Amor
João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata – The Last Time I Saw Macao

Best Documentary Short
Almas Censuradas – Bruno Ganhão
A Máquina – Mafalda Marques
Lápis Azul – Rafael Antunes
Casa Manuel Vieira – Júlio Alves
Fontelonga – Luís Costa 

Best Animation Short
Carratrope – Paulo D’Alva
Outro Homem Qualquer – Luís Soares
Ptomolus – Josemaria RRA
Alda – Ana Cardoso and Filipe Fonseca
Brincar – Coletivo Fotograma 24 

Best Fiction Short
Longe do Éden – Carlos Amaral
Lápis Azul – Rafael Antunes
Gambozinos – João Nicolau
Luminita – André Marques

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