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A year of government commitment to Italian film


- Minister Franceschini presented a document in Venice on state intervention. “The Government is committed to film, with ticket sales up by 8% in the first eight months of 2015”

A year of government commitment to Italian film

On the occasion of the opening of the Venice International Film Festival, the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Dario Franceschini,presented a document (download PDF) outlining the main activities organised by the government in support of Italian film over the last 12 months.

"It’s been a year of great commitment to film that has resulted in an increase in resources and international investments. And finally the number of tickets being sold in theatres has picked up as well. Between January and August the number of tickets sold grew by eight per cent on the same period in 2014. I know there’s still a long way to go but I’m proud of what we have achieved so far”. 

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The document highlights the main points of intervention, as follows: 1. Increase the resources set aside for filmmaking activities in the Fondo Unico per lo Spettacolo 2015 (lit: Combined Performance Fund 2015) by 18%; 2. Introduce new criteria for allocating funds to productions; 3. Raise the ceiling of the tax credit granted to Italian executive productions that shoot foreign films in Italy on foreign commission from 5 to 10 million euros per year for each producer instead of for the work as a whole; 4. Extend tax credits for filmmaking activities to independent producers of audiovisual works; 5. Activities to support historical film theatres; 6. Training in production techniques and media and the dissemination of images as part of a government initiative on learning; 7. Founding of the MIAC – the Italian Museum of Audiovisuals and Cinema – which will be managed by the Istituto Luce – Cinecittà; 8. Hold consultations with all the relevant associations with a view to passing a new Cinema Law; 9. Hold a technical round table with television broadcasters to strengthen and develop the Italian market, promoting its internationalisation; 10. The government intends to review the investment and programming obligations of television broadcasters and independent producers; 11. Implement a new strategy devised by DG Cinema, MiSE, Luce Cinecittà, ANICA, ICE and APT for the internationalisation of Italian audiovisual products.

(Translated from Italian)

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