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Romanian Ministry of Culture to reorganise National Film Center and implement new cinema law


- An activity plan for 2016 reveals the most important cultural strategies for the new government

Romanian Ministry of Culture to reorganise National Film Center and implement new cinema law

An activity plan made public by the Romanian Ministry of Culture shows that the reorganisation of the local National Film Center, whose activity has faced several controversies over the last few years, is among the cultural priorities in 2016.

After mentioning the complicated hierarchies and inefficient departments as the weak points of the Romanian cultural sector, and the lack of a strategy as the most important threat in the future, the plan directly tackles the activity of the Center, saying that a new statute will regulate activity from September 2016 onwards. “A change to the Center’s statute is part of our strategy for a more efficient and transparent financing system for the Romanian film industry,” says the Ministry document.

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A new cinema law, which should be presented to the government by October 2016, is also mentioned. Stressing that the old law was conceived mainly to encourage film production, the Ministry’s policy notes a discrepancy between the impressive popularity that Romanian cinema enjoys abroad and its domestic reception. The new law will stipulate a national framework for the domestic distribution and promotion of Romanian films. Education programmes “in every sphere of society and for all age categories” will also form part of the new law.

Meanwhile, as the country waits for the new statute for the Romanian National Film Center and the new cinema law to be implemented, Minister of Culture Vlad Alexandrescu has named two new members on the Center’s board of directors: film critic Andrei Rus, and When East Meets West and CineLink collaborator Alex Trăilă.

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