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BERLIN 2016 Romania

Incestuous love to represent Romania at the Berlinale


- Illegitimate, Adrian Sitaru’s fourth feature, will be shown in the Forum sidebar

Incestuous love to represent Romania at the Berlinale
Alina Grigore and Robi Urs in Illegitimate

Adrian Sitaru’s Illegitimate [+see also:
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, an independent production, will have its world premiere in the Berlinale Forum in February, before a domestic release at the end of March. Produced by Domestic Film (Romania), and co-produced by Film Produkcja (Poland) and Damned Films (France), the movie is handled internationally by Versatile Films

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Illegitimate is expected to cause controversy upon its domestic release, as the story revolves around the sexual relationship between twins Sasha (Alina Grigore) and Romeo (Robi Urs). The film’s title is imbued with new meaning as their father, gynaecologist doctor Victor Anghelescu (Adrian Titieni), is denounced for carrying out abortions during the communist era. When Sasha becomes pregnant, her older brother Cosma (Bogdan Albulescu) will do everything in his power to keep the family together.

The screenplay was written by Alina Grigore and Adrian Sitaru. The film’s producer is Anamaria Antoci, and the co-producers are Stanislaw Dziedzic and Klaudia Smieja. Adrian Silişteanu and Alexandru Lorian Timoşca were the DoPs. The movie’s cast consists of professional actors, but also non-professionals, including graduates of the InLight acting school.

Illegitimate is a film that mixes humour and drama to create a tragicomedy about love (be it conjugal, brotherly or carnal love), the deterioration of relationships, and choices for or against a new life, but also about physical love between siblings, a taboo topic that few talk about, although it has been the subject of many studies,” says Sitaru in a press release. 

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