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FERA calls for a new talent-driven MEDIA programme


- The Federation of European Film Directors believes the scheme has “diverged from what should be at the heart of its work”

FERA calls for a new talent-driven MEDIA programme

The Federation of European Film Directors (FERA) has released a statement to call on the Commission to redress the balance within MEDIA in favour of creators themselves. According to the federation, “at a time when isolationist forces threaten the European ideal, the continued importance of Creative Europe, and its success and financial integrity are essential to fostering cultural diversity and the sustainability of a dynamic European audiovisual sector in the digital era. We however are concerned that in its current form, while paying lip service to the importance of creativity and creators, MEDIA has diverged from what should be at the heart of its work: support for audiovisual authors, particularly film and television directors.” 

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In its recent contribution to the Creative Europe review, FERA proposes a number of initiatives, in particular the introduction of a creative capacity-building networks support scheme open to audiovisual creators themselves (something not permitted under the current rules).

The federation is also calling for action to make MEDIA’s Training support scheme fit-for-purpose by addressing the actual training needs of film and television directors at a time of significant and rapid change in the sector.

The statement continues, “MEDIA’s activities and policies should recognise the essential place of directors at the beginning of the film value chain, taking account of their specific needs through for example, the introduction of individual grants, closer to industry practice, in project development funding. In production funding, introducing a micro-budget programme would allow for much needed talent scouting in MEDIA.”

FERA Chair Dan Clifton commented, “Europe’s film and television directors are at the heart of our audiovisual sector. For that sector to grow and flourish, Creative Europe should act to promote and sustain the craft of directing in all its forms, right across the European Union. We believe such a reform would bring the new MEDIA programme and the audiovisual works it supports the high-level of quality they deserve.”

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