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Six young filmmakers selected for the Emergence residency


- The 20th session is due to support debut feature films by Elie Grappe, Daphne Hérétakis, Laurent Micheli, Benjamin Parent, Aurélien Peilloux and Lucie Prost

Six young filmmakers selected for the Emergence residency
Director Elie Grappe

Selected by a jury chaired by Cédric Kahn, six young filmmakers have been chosen to participate in the 20th Emergence directing residency, a unique European tool that will provide debut filmmakers with the opportunity to shoot sequences from their debut feature films, with the sponsorship of an established director, artistic accompaniment and professional means of production.

Elie Grapppe has been selected with his film Olga, the plot of which (Raphaële Desplechin collaborated on the screenplay) focuses on a talented and passionate 15-year-old Ukrainian gymnast, exiled in Switzerland and trying to establish herself at the National Sports Center. But the Euromaidan rebellion breaks out in Kiev, implicating her relatives without warning. As the young girl is forced to adapt to her new country and prepare for the European Championship, the Ukrainian revolution enters her life and turns everything on its head... (production: Tom Dercourt for Cinéma Defacto and Jean-Marc Fröhle for Point Prod).

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Daphne Hérétakis is due to work on We Kiss in Dark Nightclubs and I Explain, which follows a day in the life of two young idle girls who hang around the streets of Athens causing trouble (production: Jasmina Sijercic for Bocalupo Films and Yorgos Tsourgiannis for Horsefly Productions).

The Belgian director Laurent Micheli has been selected with his film Lola vers la mer, which follows the story of an 18-year-old transgender girl called Lola, who learns that she will finally be able to have surgery. But when her mother, who was supposed to support her financially, dies, she is forced to travel to the Belgian coast with her father, in respect of her mother’s wishes, despite not seeing him for two years and being polar opposites. Along the way, they come to realise that the outcome of the trip may not be quite what they expected (produced by Benoît Roland for Wrong Men ProductionsSébastien Haguenauer for 10:15 Productions and Jerome Dopfer for Balthazar Productions).

Benjamin Parent has been selected with Bonhomme (co-writer: Théo Courtial), which follows 15-year-old Tom, a child-like and sensitive teenager who hasn't really matured since being in a car accident with his older brother Leo. 
As he prepares to start a new high school, he plans on fitting in, making friends and seducing the girl he is in love with. In order to do so Tom needs the support of his big brother, a real mentor who tries to make a true "man" out of him. But behind Leo's brotherly benevolence, lies a destructive temperament ... Can Tom grow up without the help of his brother? (produced by Caroline Adrian for Delante Production). 

Aurélien Peilloux was also selected with Les songes magnétiques (Sabrina B Karine collaborated on the script). The plot focuses on Maxime, whose friend Richard, a young researcher in neuroscience, offers him the opportunity to participate in a memory stimulation experiment, but Maxime does not expect memories of a past relationship with Maria, a woman who has since died, to resurface. As his obsession with their passionate story reignites, his relationship rapidly deteriorates. But should he trust his own memories? (produced by Patrick Vuittenez for Fase Films).

Finally, Lucie Prost was selected with Les terres rares, which focuses on Pierre, a young hydrological engineer, fragile and anxious since his father's suicide. After three years of absence, he returns to his childhood home, where he learns that a construction site is threatening the local agricultural land. Over the course of one summer, Pierre must face those he left behind overnight, his repressed grief, the malaise of the agricultural world, and his cousin, engaged in the fight against a borehole which threatens the balance of the landscapes that have been the backdrop to his entire life (produced by Lucie Fichot for Folle Allure).

Since its creation by Elisabeth Depardieu, Emergence has notably supported debut feature films by Mia Hansen-Love, Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Pierre Schoeller, Katell Quillévéré, Alice Winocour, Léa Fehner, Julie Bertuccelli, Joachim Lafosse, Antonin Peretjatko, Vincent Mariette, Leyla BouzidMorgan SimonSebastien Betbeder and Annarita Zambrano, to name but a few. 

(Translated from French)

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