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Bunker Paradise


- Extracts from the daily production diary on the web

Bunker Paradise

03-01-2005 [3 - A film] - [ @ 01:19:06 ]

A film. A kind of constant rumination about the world around you that suddently focuses and precipitates into images from which a story emerges. In King Kong Paradis, these are images that open and close the film.

05-01-2005 [5 - Why ?] - [ @ 17:56:35 ]

Very often, almost always, people ask me about Japan.
"Why this Japan ? Why this boy ? Why these images ?" Although some people understand immediately.

I had noticed that in an interview with Bruno Dumont (La vie de Jésus, L'Humanité) :
"I film enigmas to let the audience be the sole master. They then have to find the clues, which is not interesting if I have to do it for them."
Other quote, from the same interview :
"My films are fundamentally beneficial. Because they help to face evil. I present evil the way it is. And it’s a test that the audience has to pass."

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08-01-2005 [8 - Quote] - [ @ 00:33:33 ]

"Perversion becomes a social norm. Perversion in its clinical connotation, based on very particular libidinal restrictions. It is today at the heart of social behaviour, in the way people use a partner as an object that is thrown as soon as it becomes useless. Sooner or later, society will start treating its own members in such a way, not only in work relationships, but also in all circumstances"Charles Melman [French writer and psycho-analyst]

25-01-2005 [10 - Miracle - suite] - [ @ 15:38:25 ]

Keep remembering the miraculous shot of David (Bouli [Lanners]) taking a sword and starting to break everything in the room. One single shot. Perfect. JP [Jean-Paul De Zaeytijd] shoots, follows him exactly where he should be. Zen control.

10-01-2005 [End of shooting "Bunker".] - [ @ 11:10:20 ]

Wrapping session. The set is being undone. While everyone is still busy shooting a scene at the front gate, you can see –between takes- the sofas, lamps, chairs and thousands of objects that made the world of John D., this little world that will never have a real life. Only the images know him and keep him. Strange feeling : During all these days, there was a story, here, that actually never took place.
The strength of enactment. that’s exacty what I find striking every time (it’s quite silly) I look at the rushes. Usually, it only takes a piece of a room, and the brain recreates the whole house. As if it was an original cell. Imagination hates hollowness.
(If I break open a door, let me in. I might break other doors, I’m in good shape.)
The "Bunker" becomes a house again. A may body in stone. Nostalgia, already. Not about the Bunker. Rather about the "camp", the cabana you build in the woods as a kid, and that you leave and never find again.

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