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Wixxer returns to solve more mysteries


Six new releases hit German screens today, most of which are European. Alongside a children’s comedy by Turkish director Faruk Aksoy (dist. Maxximum), this week’s new releases include two domestic titles, a British film, a Dutch comedy and a French co-production.

However, the indisputable star this week is Constantin release Neues von Wixxer [+see also:
film profile
. The sequel to the 2004 hit Der Wixxer was scripted once again by actors Bastian Pastewka (Inspector Very Long), Oliver Kalkofe (Chief Inspector Even Longer) and Oliver Welke but directed this time around by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert.

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Neues von Wixxer, which is based on titles made by Edgar Wallace in the 1960s, presents Wixxer with a case that would baffle the best detectives at Scotland Yard: a masked killer who has provoked terror in London.

Just to set things straight, the feature – produced like its predecessor by Rat Pack Filmproduktion – is first and foremost a comedy, where detectives run about from monasteries to asylums. German audiences will recognise a number of German stars in small roles.

Meanwhile, GMfilms is releasing the documentary Losers and Winners, written and directed by Ulrike Franke and Michael Loeken. Loeken also headed production for the directing duo’s Cologne-based outfit, Filmproduktion Loeken Franke.

The documentary has a unique theme: over a year and a half, Franke and Loeken filmed the demolition by 400 Chinese workers of Kaiserstuhl, a gigantic factory at the heart of the Ruhr now planned to be rebuilt in the Far East. As the film shows, the demolition had a very human aspect to it, as Chinese workers who put in 60-hour weeks rub shoulders with much more privileged German employees, thereby depicting the clash between two cultures in a globalised world.

Kevin Macdonald’s British film The Last King of Scotland [+see also:
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– which won Forest Whitaker a Best Actor Oscar this year – is on release through Fox, while Kool Filmdistribution is bringing 2004 hit Dutch comedy Schnitzel Paradise [+see also:
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interview: Martin Khoolhoven
interview: Mimoun Oaïssa
film profile
by Martin Koolhoven to German screens.

Another new release is French/Argentinean/Chinese co-production Play by Alicia Scherson (dist. Kairos).

(Translated from French)

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