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Scilla Andreen • IndieFlix, CEO and founder


CANNES NEXT: Cineuropa met up with Scilla Andreen, CEO and founder of Indieflix, to discuss the objectives of the NEXT pavilion

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Cineuropa met up with Scilla Andreen, CEO and founder of Indieflix, to discuss the objectives of the Cannes Film Market's NEXT pavilion.

Indieflix is a film production company based on crowdfunding. The website works on the basis of paid subscriptions, with which they pay directors for every minute of their video that gets watched. Scilla Andreen informs us that IndieFlix has just passed the 5,000-production mark.

For her, the new means of digital distribution are neither marginal nor futuristic - they have become the norm and the most up-to-date way of working. By the same token, traditional production methods are falling out of favour and are virtually obsolete.