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Slam – Tutto per una ragazza

Trailer [it]

by Andrea Molaioli

mp4 (1280x720) 01:47

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A slam is a hard fall in skateboarding. Samuele (16) spends his days skating with his friends, doing jumps and tricks, and taking the odd spill; he also nurtures a completely imaginary friendship with his hero, Tony Hawk the best skater of all time. He would love to go to university, to travel, maybe even to live in California and pursue the dream of becoming a professional skater. But more than anything, he would love to be the first in his family not to fall into the trap of having a baby at 16, which ended up happening to both his mother and his grandmother. By the way, it’s hard to avoid the one sole destiny that runs in your family. Based on the successful novel by Nick Hornby, Slam is all twists and turns and heelflips, it’s the story of a young boy facing the most exciting and at the same time frightening of the experiences for a teenager: growing up!

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