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Marco Bellocchio vuelve a tratar el caso Aldo Moro, esta vez en la televisión


- En inglés: Después de Buenos días, noche, la primera serie firmada por el maestro, Esterno notte, narrará el secuestro y el asesinato de Aldo Moro desde un nuevo punto de vista

Marco Bellocchio vuelve a tratar el caso Aldo Moro, esta vez en la televisión
Director Marco Bellocchio

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Marco Bellocchio is set to direct his first TV series, Esterno notte, in 2018 once work finishes on Il traditore (lit. The Traitor), a film about Tommaso Buscetta (read more here). "It will be the reverse shot of Good Morning, Night," the director told ANSA agency, "and will tell the story of the 53 days of kidnapping, imprisonment, and assassination of Aldo Moro, but from outside the prison walls."

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In Good Morning, Night [+lee también:
ficha del filme
, presented in competition at Venice Film Festival in 2003, the director tells the story of the kidnapping of Aldo Moro (played by Roberto Herlitzka), from the point of view of the kidnappers (played by Luigi Lo Cascio and Maya Sansa), after being inspired by Il prigoniero (lit. The Prisoner) a book by former Red Brigade member Anna Laura Braghetti. "This time the protagonists will be the men and women who were outside the prison walls, all of whom were involved in the kidnapping of Moro in different ways. The family, politicians, priests, the Pope, professors, illusionists, police, secret services, members of the brigade both outside and in prison, even the mafiosi and infiltrators... The famous protagonists so often seen on TV and in newspapers, but also those that remain relatively unknown."

The series is due to be filmed on the fortieth anniversary of Aldo Moro's death and will presumably be produced by RAI, which has always given Marco Bellocchio support in the past.

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