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by Andy Bausch


To be a member of this exclusive band, you must be unemployed; swear not to look for employment; commit to remain unemployed at all costs; stay off the books forever; and work harder at remaining out of work than ever you did when you were in work.

international title: THE UNEMPLOYMENT CLUB
original title: LE CLUB DES CHÔMEURS
country: Luxembourg, Switzerland
sales agent: Iris Productions (LU)
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Andy Bausch
film run: 97'
release date: LU 25/01/2002
screenplay: Andy Bausch
cast: Véronique Fauconnet, Luc Feit, Camillo Felgen, Fernand Fox, André Jung, Marja-Leena Junker, Christian Kmiotek, Marco Lorenzini
cinematography by: Jacques Raybaut
film editing: Mirjam Krackenberger
art director: Axel Werner, Petra Weber
costumes designer: Ulli Kremer
music: Serge Tonnar
production: Iris Productions, Fama Film, Film Fund Louxemburg (LU)
distributor: Iris Productions S.A.

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