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by Alexandru Maftei


The story of Egor, a young painter who arrives with his lover Sanda at her family’s mansion in the middle of a forested estate. Egor hopes to find inspiration in the middle of nature, but soon his stay there is haunted by Miss Christina, Sanda’s beautiful aunt violently killed decades before during the peasants’ uprising in 1907. The strange atmosphere at the mansion and Egor’s colorful dreams become invitations to a very special love story.

international title: Miss Christina
original title: Domnișoara Christina
country: Romania
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Alexandru Maftei
release date: RO 01/11/2013
screenplay: Mircea Eliade
cast: Tudor Aaron Istodor, Ioana Anastasia Anton, Anastasia Dumitrescu
cinematography by: Radu Aldea
film editing: Theodora Penciu
music: Jon Wygens
producer: Gabi Antal
co-producer: Mihai Orasanu
production: Abis Studio
distributor: Abis Studio
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main awards/selection

Transylvania International Film Festival 2013 

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