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by Carlos Vermut


Luis is desperate to fulfill his terminally ill daughter's last wish: to own the prohibitively expensive "Magical Girl Yukiko" dress from her favourite Japanese cartoon. Unemployed, with no prospects, and blinded with grief, Luis turns to extortion when he crosses paths with the beautiful, mentally disturbed Bárbara. Her marriage threatened by the blackmail, Barbara reluctantly complies with his scheme, even as it sends her spiralling into a world of danger and degradation. Seeking revenge on Luis, she turns for help to the only person who truly knows how damaged she is: retired math teacher Damián, who has dark secrets of his own. The trio descends into an infernal cycle of deception and double-crosses, in which the struggle between reason and instinct plays out to nerve-jangling effect.

international title: Magical Girl
original title: Magical Girl
country: Spain, France
sales agent: Playtime
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlos Vermut
film run: 127'
screenplay: Carlos Vermut
cast: Bárbara Lennie, José Sacristán, Luis Bermejo, Israel Elejalde, Alberto Chaves
cinematography by: Santiago Racaj
film editing: Emma Tusell
art director: Montse Lacruz
production: Aquí y Allí Films, Canal+ España, Playtime Productions, Sabre Producciones
distributor: Avalon, Version Originale / Condor


main awards/selection

Toronto International Film Festival 2014
San Sebastián International Festival 2014Golden Shell
Goyas 2015Best Actress
Beaune International Thriller Film Festival 2015
Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival 2015

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