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by Raúl García


A man goes to visit an old friend living in an isolated, run-down manor house who admits to being frightened by strange paranormal activity: the mansion would seem to be haunted by his dead sister. Is he on the verge of going mad? Adapted from a novel by Edgar Allan Poe, this story is followed by four wonderfully macabre others that will leave chills running up and down your spine!

international title: Extraordinary Tales
original title: Extraordinary Tales
country: Luxembourg
year: 2015
genre: animation
directed by: Raúl García
film run: 73'
release date: HU 10/12/2015
screenplay: Raúl García
music: Sergio De La Puente
producer: Stephan Roelants
production: Mélusine Productions
distributor: Vertigo Media


main awards/selection

Anima Film Festival 2015Audience Award for Best Feature
Luxembourg City Film Festival 2015Youth Prize

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