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by Ivaylo Hristov


Elena, Koko, Patso and Gosho are high school students in a small provincial town. They are inseparable friends that share the belief that they are «losers». Koko is in love with Elena. The girl wants to be a singer. She is really excited about the visiting concert of a famous rock band. The event shakes up the whole town giving birth to new love affairs, disappointments and complicated relationships.

international title: Losers
original title: Karatsi
country: Bulgaria
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Ivaylo Hristov
film run: 97'
screenplay: Ivaylo Hristov
cast: Ovanes Torosyan, Kristina Yaneva, Yovana Yordanova, Georgi Gotsin, Plamen Dimov, Deyan Donkov
cinematography by: Emil Christov
film editing: Toma Vasharov
costumes designer: Mira Kalanova
music: Kiril Donchev
producer: Assen Vladimirov
production: Pro Film
backing: Bulgarian National Film Center


main awards/selection

Moscow International Film Festival 2015
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2015Zabaltegi
Golden Rose Film Festival 2015
Sofia International Film Festival 2016Award of the Bulgarian Guild of Film Critics

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